Our services.

Belt repair and belt splices

  • repairing of longitudinal cracks, transverse cracks, breakdowns and edge damage with hot vulcanizing
  • repair of partial surface damage on running- and carrying sides with cold vulcanizing

Belt finishing

  • by using hot vulcanizing the conveyor belt is subsequently provided with edge bead
  • sidewalls and cleats of all kinds are applied with cold vulcanizing

Damage assessment and counseling

  • damage assessment, definition of damage repair, NILOS testing laboratory for evaluation and validation of technical parameters

Operating Belt Conveyors

We do the worrying when it comes to your conveying problems and regular scheduled maintenance for your conveyor belt unit. Our technicians will put right any problems and faults in the shortest possible time.

Final Disposal

Old belts that can no longer be recycled are disposed of in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.

Starting with the servicing of small- and medium-sized damaged areas, the repair facilities also include conveyor belt regeneration and refurbishing, supplemented by the use of unvulcanized rubber materials from our own preparation division.

We can offer the following type of workshop facilities:

  • NILOS Repair Workshop

Splicing, repairing of damaged belts and service facilities in plant and on site with mobile vulcanizers.

  • NILOS Reconditioning Workshop

Incorporation of new belt partial strips and overall refurbishing of damaged or worn conveyor belts

  • NILOS Workshop for Conveyor belt Regeneration with Rubber Preparation Division and Test Laboratory

The combination of the above-mentioned types makes it possible to carry out the work completely independently and without any additional suppliers, thanks to special machine facilities. These four basic types can be adapted individually to customerspecific requirements. Any existing suitable facilities are incorporated in the planning and setting up.

Design and Supply of Complete Conveyor belt Repair Workshops

Realization with a wide range of equipment and special-purpose machines developed by us, on request.

Specialized personnel can be trained by us – the program includes complete instruction of NILOS technology and know-how transfer for the repair of conveyor belts of all types and sizes.


There is an additional option, to make use of the know-how, infrastructure and products of the NILOS brand as a NILOS franchising partner and thus ensuring a presence in the market as a strong and competent partner.

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