The essential part of the value of a steel cable strap is known to be up to 70% in the carcass. This is the inner part of the band that includes the steel ropes. The rubber on the running and carrying side serves as wear protection of the carcass and is also differently depending on the application. Normally the running side is always thinner than the supporting side, just because of the different wear on both sides.

Your advantages:

  • Protection against loss of complete belt
  • Prolonging the life of a belt
  • Maintaining the carcass
  • Cost savings of approx. 35 - 45%
  • Removal of local damage such as
    Punchings, cracks and edge damage
  • Extensive and generous operation without
    Flange edges transversely to the direction of travel
  • Case-specific and individually sustainable recycling
  • Process can be repeated three times
  • We guarantee a higher longevity

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