Longitudinal Slit Repair Presses HYDRAULIC

  • for hot splicing of longitudinal rips, punctures and damage to belt edges
  • uniform pressure over the entire repair length via hydraulic aluminium cylinders
  • depending on the width of the heating plates and surface pressure, cross beams are provided with 2-3 shiftable pressure elements
  • for the use of belt width up to 3.200 mm
  • cross beam repair vulcanizing presses are designed to customer's requirements on request
  • depending on the model and the size of the heating plates, cross beam repair vulcanizing presses can be used for spot and rip repairs

Repair cross beams with hydraulic cylinders

  • the pressure systems can be moved over the total width of the belt

Pump with hydraulic cross beams

  • hand pump (optionally motor-driven pump)
  • distributor
  • high-pressure hoses
  • hydraulic oil

Heating plates

  • special electrical connections
  • regulation via thermosensor PT 100
  • shape: rectangular 90°
  • available for longitudinal repairs in any required length from min. width of 500mm
  • the number of movable beams required depends on the length of the heating plate and the required specific surface pressure

Electronic control box

  • with connecting cables (number and type depends on the number and size of the heating plates)
  • digital temperature display

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* Available in all desired dimensions