Rubber Wear Protection Clamping Bars

Against noise and wear

Environmentally friendly and low maintenance installations implicate tasks that can be solved trouble-free and in a relatively easy way by using the tried and tested wear resistant rubber material.  The basic properties of rubber - elasticity and abrasion resistance - enable highly efficient abatement of both noise and wear.  If used correctly optimum lifetime and efficiency is guaranteed.  The all-purpose rubber wear protection clamping bars bring up more possible fields of application when used in composition with NILOS wear protection coatings or NILOS screen decks.

Rubber Wear Protection Clamping Bars

Rubber wear protection clamping bars with metal inserts (see chart).  While the types RU have rounded wear surfaces to ensure better guiding and protection of the conveyor belt, the types EU, EJ and ED are built with rectangular cross-sections so that they can be used side-by-side to cover wider areas.  The fastening is carried out via T-bolts DIN 186 for types RU and EU; for type EJ, whose profiles bear strains of up to 12.000 kp it is carried out via special bolts. While the aforementioned types can be fastened anywhere by clamps, the type ED 16 can also be fastened from the top in places difficult to access, as there are three precast longitudinal bores.  These longitudinal bores are in intervals of 290 mm and 65 mm from the strip's edges.

Type Width x Height * kg Item no.
RU 10 40 x 35 mm 2,0 H 0779
RU 16 60 x 47 mm 4,2 H 0780

Type Width x Height * kg Item no.
EU 10 100 x 35 mm 4,4 H 0781
EU 16 100 x 50 mm 6,6 H 0782

Type Width x Height * kg Item no.
EF 10 40 x 40 mm 3,7 H 0784
EF 16 60 x 60 mm 7,6 H 0785

* Length: 1.000 mm

Mounting screws

ScrewItem no.
M 10 x 30 mm T 0796
M 10 x 60 mm T 0797
M 16 x 30 mm T 0798
M 16 x 50 mm T 0799
M 16 x 80 mm T 0800
M 20 x 80 mm T 0801