Scraper Systems and Jet-Streamer

Belt Cleaning

To ensure a faulty-free operation, the continuous cleaning of the conveyor belts is often indispensable. Especially materials to be conveyed which are breaking on lead to more or less soiling on the carrying side of the conveyor belt. Soiling which is not being removed, is beaking on reels and drums which may result in highly expensive damages. Apart from the simple loss of the conveyor belt and the cleaning of the machine which is therefore required, damages on reels, drums as well as on conveyor belts may occur.

Scraper Systems

  • NILOS scraper systems guarantee worldwide a faulty-free operation of conveyor belt plants.
  • By combining different spanner systems, scraper materials and structural shapes it is possible to offer an optimum adaptation between the scraper of the corresponding conveyor belt surface and the material to be conveyed.

Consulting, Installation and Service

  • Experts guarantee worldwide smooth processes in installation and service of scraper systems with the service.
  • Our experts will also propose you individual and customer-oriented solutions concerning requests of conveyor belt cleaning.

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Jet-Streamer, Pneumatic Scraper Systems

Fields of Application

Contact free cleaning of:

  • cleated and sidewall belts where conventional stripper systems cannot be used
  • of smooth conveyor belts surfaces
  • wet and/or slightly adhesive, tacky materials such as sand, gypsum, slags, fine ores, etc.
  • max. 2 transfer points


  • long life
  • low maintenance
  • protection of the conveyor belt surface
  • quick and simple installation
  • low space requirement at the conveyor belt  (only approx. 100 mm clearance underneath the conveyor belt required)
  • available for belt widths up to 3.000 mm

Jet-Streamer for smooth conveyor belts and conveyor belts with cleats*

Belt widthHeight cleat profileTypeItem no.
500 mm0 - 15 mm

JS 500/1501266
600 - 700 mmJS 650/1501267
800 mmJS 800/1501268
1.000 mmJS 1000/1501269
1.200 mmJS 1200/1501270
1.400 mmJS 1400/1501271

Jet Streamer for conveyor belts with cleats*

Belt widthHeight cleat profileTypeItem no.
500 mm16 - 30 mm

JS 500/3001273
600 - 700 mmJS 650/3001274
800 mmJS 800/3001275
1.000 mmJS 1000/3001276
1.200 mmJS 1200/3001277
1.400 mmJS 1400/3001278

* Other contents on request.