News from the Orga- and HR-area


On the 1st September 2018, we welcomed Mr Uwe Gemsa.
Among other roles, Mr Gemsa worked for several years as head of the German branch of the international technology group ‘metso’. Prior to joining NILOS, he was most recently Head of Material Handling and Head of Product Management at REMA TIP TOP AG. Mr Gemsa strengthens Mr Tubbesing’s sales team and as a Field Sales representative will focus on our domestic sales interests, branches and business partners.

Contact: +49 173 3875783 /

We also retroactively welcome Mr Serge Jonas Dazirignon. He joined our Sales team in the spring from his most recent position in Werne at WAGU Handels GmbH. At NILOS, he manages Sales/Field Sales in Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

Contact: +49 172 2319534 /

The organisation of the NILOS back office has changed.

We are pleased that Mr Dirk Iden will contribute even more in the future to coordination and production at our rubber product production at Hofstraße in Hilden. His years of experience and expertise should help to ensure consistently high quality standards and to optimise processes.

Contact: +49 2103 951216 / +49 174 9417948 /

Mr Torben Preuß has now been with the company for 16 years, in which time he has acquired invaluable experience and extensive international and organisational knowledge. He will take on the leadership of the well-established and successful Exports team with immediate effect.

Contact: +49 2103 951212 /

The Sales structure has also been adapted. Mr Klaus Tubbesing is the new Head of Sales for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For over 20 years, Mr Tubbesing has held various positions in the conveyor belt business. This has equipped him with extensive market knowledge and corresponding sales experience. In the future, he will be responsible for coordinating field sales activities as well as back office operations.

Contact: +49 2103 951143 / +49 172 2557890 /

There are further personnel changes arising from the successful reestablishment of NILOS Nord in Bremen. Authorised officer Mr Stefan Tillert is taking over management of the branch. He will be leading a small assembly team there and has been relieved of his back office duties by Ms Iris Tiedemann. Both of them have been working as market players for years and so have extensive experience.

Contact: Mr Stefan Tillert: +49 421 65892471 /
Contact: Ms Iris Tiedemann +49 421 65892460 /


There are also changes at the NILOS subsidiary FTR (Fördern -Technik - Rothmann) in Osnabrück. On 1st September 2018 Mr Carsten Runden will strengthen the sales and administration team. Most recently, he has worked in Sales/Field Sales and as a purchasing manager for various companies, during which time he has acquired the necessary experience and knowledge to excel in this new role.

Contact: +49 170 7465755 /


Mrs Geraldine Barsch returned from parental leave on 9th July 2018. She will also take on a new role, moving to strengthen the Press division of WAGENER Schwelm. In the future, she will bring her extensive knowledge and export experience in Sales and Exports as well as in the care of our many customers worldwide.

Contact: +49 2103 951418 /

We are very pleased about these positive developments.
We warmly welcome all colleagues and wish them a good start and great success!

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